Redecoration of a Hospital
  • Removed previous stone chip finish.
  • Adequate preparation to the surface in order to redecorate.
  • Completed a new textured coating to the exterior of the building.


  • Plaster repairs completed.
  • Joint repairs completed.
  • Redecoration of entire exterior façade.
  • Window sealing.
  • Redecoration of cladding to exterior of building.
  • Sundry waterproofing repairs.
  • Treating of previously waterproofed areas.
  • Plaster of previous brickwork of the building.
  • Painted & plastered over the columns of the building.


Redecoration of University Building
  • Treated previously plastered walls.
  • Complete building casting was completed.
  • Installed a plaster textured finish as a final coat to the building.