Complete refurbishment of a science lab
  • Demolished all the internal finishes & installed new ceilings, floors & cupboards.
  • Upgraded the existing air-conditioning system.


  • Installed new suspended ceilings.
  • Stripped existing floors, laid new screed & new tiling.
  • Complete interior redecoration.


Upgrading of a Commercial Building’s Bathrooms
  • Demolished all the internal finishes.
  • Constructed a new internal wall with complete interior redecoration.
  • Installed new bathrooms & vanities.


Upgrading Common Area of University Building
  • Removed old flooring & tiles.
  • Installed new screed & tiling over all areas.
  • Installed new bulkhead ceilings.


Complete Refurbishment of Lecture Theatre
  • Completely stripped previously installed items.
  • Installed interactive computer systems.
  • Installed new fire safety systems.
  • Replaced carpets.
  • Installed a new suspended ceiling.
  • Air-conditioning system upgraded.


Upgrading Foyer Area of a University Building
  • Constructed lift shaft & installed a new lift.
  • Stripped floors & re-installed tiling to all areas.
  • Installed new fire doors.
  • Installed new bulkhead ceilings.
  • Installed new, modern bathrooms & vanities.