When it comes to architectural building restoration we are dedicated to using the latest technology and quality materials.

These are professionally applied by a highly skilled labour force and invariably exceed the expectations of our clients.


We offer the ability to transform most building structures through the accurate and skilful application of specialised coating systems, combined with aesthetically appealing colour combinations.


Our qualified structural repair teams meticulously expose and repair problem areas covering a wide range of structural shortcomings.

The success of this is attributed to accurate workmanship and the stringent application of specialised repair materials.


Roofs remain the most important design detail of most structures, especially pertaining to waterproof properties.

Our qualified roofing teams regularly undertake the restoration of existing roofs, roof replacements (including all various aspects of roofing materials), sealing and servicing of existing roofs.


We offer skilled service and advice in the following construction fields: tenant installations; light construction; alterations; refurbishments and restorations.

Always ensuring our teams operate within our abilities and within a legal and statutory requirements, providing above industry-accepted standards, warranties and guarantees.


Designed to give you excellent value for money and complete peace of mind, rope access staff easily reach those high and inaccessible areas – fast, safely and effectively. Our highly qualified personnel are trained and certified by SAIRAA to ensure quality standards are continuously met. We also offer scaffolding access services.


Current legislation prohibits any work done on asbestos containing material, which may result in the release of Asbestos fibres, unless certain legal requirements are complied with fully in terms of South African law. Qabani National is a fully accredited and registered Asbestos removal company with the Department of Labour and is capable of taking on projects of various sizes and technology systems.

For all your asbestos requirements, please let us give you the correct and safe solution.


Maintaining the watertight integrity of a structure is paramount to the preservation of the building and prevention of possible consequential damage if incorrectly applied. We are leaders in an ever-changing waterproofing industry and a manufacturer-approved applicator of primary waterproofing systems suited to specific applications:

  • Acrylic reinforced systems
  • Self-adhesive membrane systems
  • Universal submersible cementitious systems
  • Polymer-modified heat-fused bitumen membrane systems
  • Concrete capillary crystalline waterproofing systems
  • Reinforced synthetic liner of TPO-modified polyolefin membrane systems
  • Polyurea systems are a new technology and is a bi-component hot spray aromatic coating suitable for many different applications.